Let's get acquainted!

This past week I have launched my rebranded and refreshed business! With that came a new website, new pricing, new products, and primarily whole new outlook on my business! I did all of this because I want to be the very best for my clients...that's YOU! Since this is the FIRST EVER blog post, I decided to start with a little bit about myself, my family (those cuties in the pictures below) and a little about why I do what I do! So here it goes....

I am the owner and lead photographer of Samantha Lynn Photography. I have been married to the love of my life for almost 6 years now and we have two beautiful children, Melody & Elliot! My family is my joy, and my job is my passion, but above all I love Jesus! He is the source of my happiness and my strength!


What else do I love besides photography?

Leading worship with my husband at City Church, watching my children play and giggle with one another, coffee(because of my children), softball, Pinterest, trying new recipes, decorating my home, shopping at Target and everything chocolate!   

Why photography?

My children are a huge part of why I do photography. I loved it before I had them, but once we had our daughter in 2012, the reason completely changed. The fact that I can capture and keep these ever fleeting moments in my children's lives means the world to me. I never want to forget anything about them and seeing them grow and capturing it in a photograph is so important to me. This passion carries over to you and the weddings and sessions I shoot. All I want more than anything is for you to look back at your photographs and feel those same emotions and connections that you felt when they were taken.

I am also an extremely emotional person which is why I love shooting weddings so much. I have been known to tear up many times from behind the camera...especially at those first glances a bride and groom share and father daughter dances. Those are my weakness. The emotional connection I build with you as a client will allow me to document those moments in a unique and beautiful way.

^That seriously took me two and a half days to write! No, I am not exaggerating! I think the fact that I feel so deeply about the things I love and how that ties into the photographs I take was very difficult for me to put into words! I hope now you understand a little more about me and why I love my job so stinkin' much!