Shirts. Something we wear every single day. Something we see as soon as we look in the mirror. Something that can carry a message. Something that people will immediately notice as we go about our life daily. So instead of why graphic t-shirts, I say why not?!

My love for designing has grown tremendously in the past few years as we began doing the design work for our church (City Church). That love for design has developed small ideas, then grown into crazy ones, which has since turned into a BIG dream. I am a firm believer of dreaming, but until recently I was too afraid to work towards this one. That is until God gave me the giant nudge I needed through a class...

I began taking "The J+M 30 Day Get Booked Bootcamp" a few weeks ago and my goodness it was an eye opener and a kick in the pants! Mary Marantz + Kim ButlerNatalie Franke have been my biggest inspiration to not just MAKE goals, but to work your hardest and BREAK those goals you set for yourself. To put aside FEAR and boldly be yourself. Unapologetically. That is is okay to simply TRY!

So here I am...ready to try! Try with all my might and without fear! Because God's timing is finally in it and I can see that oh-so clearly.  If I had tried doing this "shirt thing" back when I first thought of it I wouldn't have been ready for it, but now I am!

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