THE HRUBAN'S ARE BAAAAACK! Joe and Kaleigh were married last July 4th and I had the honor of photographing their wedding! I seriously love photographing this couple! I could not contain my excitement when I got a text from Kaleigh asking for a favor. I don't know why, but I just KNEW what she was going to ask me!!!! 

The location was perfect (HELLO, check out that TREE!), the light was stunning (just how I love it), and I was about to photograph the start of Kaleigh and Joe's great new adventure!!! 

Joe and Kaleigh are both teachers so they brought along these old vintage desks that Kaleigh grew up with at her home! I love that we were able to tie in a big part of their lives into the announcement to help tell their story. I can just picture their little one sitting at one of these desks one day! 

Most guys don't come with ideas...but Joe did and it did not disappoint!

Meet the ankle-biters.

Joe's endearing name for sweet children. HAHA!  (Kaleigh wanted to make it very clear that this one was ALL JOE!)

I have only used this in a handful of sessions and was waiting for the perfect one to come along to bring it out of the garage again!

Cue the Schwinn Twinn! (My husband restored this old Schwinn for me a few years ago and it is insanely awesome!)

 I wanted to do a shot that they could then one day add in their sweet babe to the shot and have a before and after! Plus, Kaleigh is a lover of vintage anything and this bike shot could not have fit more perfectly for them. 

Joe and Kaleigh, thank you for allowing me to continue telling YOUR story! I can't wait to meet Baby Hruban!!  


I text Alexandra the other day after finishing the second half of their engagement sessions and let her know exactly how I felt about her and Juan. How do I feel? Inspired. Completely inspired. Their love is so beautiful and kind. Their relationship is sweet and thoughtful. They were truly a breath of fresh air and I am so grateful I not only got to do one engagement session....but TWO! 

Their first session we shot indoors at her Aunt's lovely home near Grandview Dr. in Peoria. It was cozy, warm, and filled with lots of love and smiles from these two! 

Juan and Alexandra ventured down to the river in East Peoria for the second half of their engagement session! It was a cold one, but they snuggled most of the time so that helped them I am sure! ;) 

I can't get enough of photographing these two! I think their love grows by the minute and it shows in their photographs!