MORGAN// East Peoria High School// Senior Class of 2017

Oh, sweet Morgan!

You simply light up when you smile just from the kindness that you exude from within! I cannot wait to see how you continue to impact the world with your kindness, compassion, determination, smarts, and strength!  

So I was told about the Coca Cola truck that her Grandpa was going to be bringing to the second half of her session, but I had no idea what to expect! Let me tell you...the truck that I had conjured up in my mind did not even come close to the insanely vintage and bright yellow truck that awaited us downtown! I was blown away and it fit Morgan so perfectly! Her Grandpa was precious as can be and so proud of his truck, but more so his Granddaughter. 

Morgan's Mom also brought along a prop of her own that she had been saving! Remember when those Coca-Cola bottles/cans with everyones names on it were all the rage?! Well, her Mom looked and looked for one that said her name...but never found one! But guess what?! She found something that was even more fitting for this time in her life...GRAD! That bottle was such a thoughtful idea and was the exact little extra touch we needed to make this incredible session even more special!