Shad and Molly's wedding fit them perfectly! So much fun, silly-ness, cute-ness, and oh yea.....poop emoji socks! (Yes, I said poop socks. Haha!)

Molly and Shad were a blast and totally up for anything!

Hike down to the creek for your photographs? No problem!

Stick your rings in your ombre cake? Yes! (Don't worry, I waited until the end of the night after cake was already cut!) 

I have known Molly ever since I met my husband about 8 years ago. We attended the same church and Molly is known in our house as the super fun babysitter! It was crazy that I was photographing her getting married! How could this be happening already? Well, I am so happy it did happen and I am so happy she found Shad! I wanted to share with you the little note I wrote to them right after their wedding because they reminded me so much of Derek and I when we got married:

"Shadrach + Molly, 
Derek and I were young just like you two when we got married 7 years ago. Watching you two brought back so many feelings and thoughts of how people thought we were too young. You are not too young! Marriage is such a FUN and BEAUTIFUL adventure that you will spend your whole lifetime exploring and growing together! You two have found the one person that God so thoughtfully created for you to cherish and love until the day you meet Him face to face! Your future has already been laid out before you by Your Creator and by keeping Him in the center of your marriage will ensure you a successful life spent with your best friend by your side! 
I pray blessings over your marriage and I cannot wait to see how God is going to use the joining of two God-loving people to further His Kingdom with love and boldness for HIM!"


Popcorn Bar: Great American Popcorn Co.