CHRIS + KARA// Jubilee State Park, Peoria Illinois Engagement Photographer

Chris + Kara met with me quite awhile ago over coffee to book their 2017 wedding. I instantly loved them! At the end of our meeting we needed to exchange addresses and quickly realized that we were practically neighbors! Like no joke, they live like a block over and down the street.  At that point we couldn't stop laughing over the fact that we had surely seen each other walking the neighborhood. Her with her dog and me with my kids. We then got to thinking how insanely dressed we may have been at these times. I don't know about you, but I rarely walk around my neighborhood looking chic and cute. It is mostly more ragged and just doing the minimum to be allowed out. 

I have been patiently waiting for fall to come just so I could photograph these two! They showed up at their session in my favorite fall colors (their second look being as perfect as the first...just check out Kara's shoes!!!) The best part about these two is how comfortable they were with just being fully present with one another and expressing that love in front of the camera.

The best line of the night and I will surely be using this in the future for my couples came from Chris. He said at one point after I prompted a movement,

"Sorry, I went rogue."

My response was something along the lines of, "YES! Please do!!"

Feel the moment and feel that connection as if I am not there and just act on it.

These two did just that and the results are real, passionate, and beautiful. 

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